How Clothia works

Clothia is a marketplace for the best new designers from Europe. We scour the continent to handpick the most interesting, innovative, and stylish brands and bring them to you. We pay specific attention to quality since we like to enjoy beautiful and luxurious things (without paying the luxury designer prices!)

Our founder, Elena Silenok, noticed that her friends would always ask about her purchases from Russia/Italy/France/Georgia/etc. Since most of these beautiful things came from small designers who didn’t have websites but wanted to grow and expand internationally, Elena decided to create a marketplace where they could sell their goods.

All our designer partners are handpicked and have to go through a vetting process. We also review all the items they sell and only pick what we think are the most interesting pieces from their collections. That way we can ensure a consistent quality standard – very important when working with small designers – and also confirm that most everything is accessibly priced, anywhere between $100-$500.

We do not hold any inventory in our warehouse – all the items you see on our site are shipped to you directly from the designers’ studios/stores. If something is sold out, contact us and we might be able to arrange a special order, especially with smaller designers! We are always easy to reach at and we love hearing from you.